The Real Economy Creates China Brand with Technology bauma China 2012
Seven Points One Can Not Miss

The real economy is really important for the global economy, which is an obvious truth that is aware of by both domestic and foreign enterprises. "The real economy has always been the path that SAM chose. We put forward the concept that producing with “wisdom”, and creating China brands with technology and innovation. At the beginning of the global economic winter in 2012 when SAM went through five years’ brilliance and rapid development of 38% in 2011, we reconstructed the management structure of SAM, quantized the strategic target, and further assured that continuous input on R&D and upgrading products are always our main principle. ” Mr. Shao, Senior President of SAM said.


“All in One, Five Tops” - Product Strategy is the Most Powerful Root for SAM

Under the rapidly changing environment of market, SAM, as a strong production enterprise who endures the long-term economic winter of construction machinery industry, will take what kind of measurement to survive and break through? With more than 70% products are selling to 130 countries and regions, SAM hold its own opinion. Mr. Li, manager of R&D Center, said, “Global strategy is SAM’s way to development, and way to research. If we take SAM as a grand tree, then research and development on products is undoubtedly the most powerful root. We resolve to devote ourselves to the high-end equipments to make it more professional and more elaborate.”


More than 3% of the total sales are invested into R&D per year

Perfect Process for R&D Project in Justification, Approval, Test and Industrialization

In recent years, great achievements have been made in independent innovation for China’s construction machinery industry. SAM, as the hi-tech enterprise in Shanghai, always cling to the R&D principle of independent innovation, and pay attention to training and introduction of R&D talents. More than 3% of the total sales are invested into R&D per year.

"The reason why we established research and development center is that is the needs from customers and markets on the one hand, and on the other hand we could assure that the key points in the relevant field could be tracked and researched in time. We constantly optimize every step, including research and development, design and production, assuring that project could be accurate, reliable and perfect." Mr. Chen, engineer of R&D Center in SAM explained.


Four professional R&D Teams – raise the new flag in the high-end equipment manufacturing field

Since 2004, when SAM start its talent development strategy, many mangement and operation elites are recruited from university on the one hand; On the other hand carefully carry out social recruitment, talents such as R&D elites, senior President and other important management positions are recruited, which definitely build and expand the R&D team. "Now we have more than 140 employees in our R&D team, and the amount will be expanded to 450 at the time when our new headquarter project is completed, where four new R&D Centers will be included. Under such a cold economic winter, what we could do is to continue to introduce talents and cultivate talents, is down-to-earth to extensively promote talent strategy.” Mr. Li, Manager of R&D Center explained.


bauma China 2012 - Seven Series Equipments 0ne Can Not Miss

During this November 27 to 30, bauma China 2012 will be ceremoniously held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With exhibition area of 300000㎡and more than 2700 exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions attended, this show will surely attract more than 170000 audiences. SAM, with the largest booth in E5 (300 square meters’ exhibition area), will officially release its seven series of equipments on this bauma Show.

Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant, is another major achievement regarding the Seven classic models which will be released on bauma China 2012. Adhering to the concept of handling around first, and on the basis of coarse crushing and fine grinding, this model adopts full hydraulic pressure drive mode, perfect combining engineering and latest technology, positively realize systematic matching.


Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant
Tracked over rugged mountain area as easy as going through plains
Broke limit, keeping crushing boundless


In addition, the latest upgraded VSI Series Crusher, has promoted the sand crushing process to a new high level. This model adopts new deep cavity rotor technology, the speed of which is around 30% more than that of the ordinary rotor. Both the double-layer multiple wear-resisting body, which could be segregated, and rotor quality assurance mechanism ensure that the utilization rate of rotor could be increased about 30%.

As the representative model of SAM, MTW Series Trapezium Pulevriser, after going through the latest II generation upgrade, and adopting micro resistance U-type air duct and T-type technology, has greatly improved its grinding efficiency. At the same time, its special balance-increasing technology reduces the vibration and noise, which effectively contributes to improves the work environment and to prolong the life of machines.

Other models, such as HCS Series Cone Crusher with High-efficiency, it is a perfect combination of various cavities and stroke, which is applicable for various sizes’ end products. HP Series Cone Crusher with High-efficiency, which adopts design including big angle, eccentricity and high speed rotor, centralized in lubrication and intelligent control. PEW Series Jaw Crusher, highlights with its specially forged spindle, and Y Series Portable Crushing Plant, featured with its compact structure, high efficiency, flexible, and easy to transport.

When talking about SAM’s deployment on bauma China 2012, Manager Feng, General Director of SAM’s Show on bauma China 2012 said, “Since SAM bauma China 2012 Topic Season was launched in SAM this October, various kinds of activities are held. The general headquarter, the function of which is to make overall plans and preparing for this bauma show, has been established in July. By last week, all work plans have been made, and relevant projects are pushing forwards in order. Here we sincerely invite both domestic and foreign customers and partners to work with SAM, in order to making a beautiful scenery line for bauma China 2012.”

Except for our splendid exposition in bauma China 2012, a special topic season centre on bauma China 2012 is under way in SAM, which will present you with a show themed on “Contributing to the Global Civilization”.

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