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We are SAM, the Protagonist of Bauma China 2012 ——SAM perfectly integrates SCIENCE &ART

November 28, 2012

On Nov 27th 2012, SAM definitely show off on Bauma China 2012 under the conception "COMMUNICATED WITH WORLD, CONSTRUCTING GLOBAL CIVILIZATION". At the 300 square meters' flagship exhibition booth of E5 hall, seven series of machines and marketing activities successfully attract grate many visitors.

SAM exhibition booth the flagship of E5 Hall


Valuable customers volume has taken 60% of last fair at the first day, well proves the attractive power of SAM

The statistical data shows that the volume of customers that register in SAM at the first day reached 60% total amount of Bauma China 2010.

Majordomo Cui from SAM International Market Centre declares: " Persistence is the key to success.Through the decade whetting of Bauma, SAM has achieved new leaps and bounds in succession in recent two years. In the first three quarters, all works went smoothly. Analysis the registering data, SAM are full of confidence about the market prospects of the forth quarter and the next year. SAM achievement well expresses the power &recognition of SAM brand"

More cooperators Better raw material quality

6-7 raw material suppliers would like to cooperate with SAM, it is good for optimizing our material purchase chain and producing higher quality machine components. Unification of energetic enterprises will greatly reduce our R&D cost and production cost. The advantages of purchase chain are to improve SAM brand power.


The Protagonist of Bauma China Perfect combination of R&D and Marketing-Art

Products are always the protagonist of Bauma. In this fair, SAM take seven series of classic machines.Tracked mobile crusher adopts Single Driver Technology, it is quite flexible. VIS6X sand making machine will start a new epoch of artificial sand.

At the booth, the music, elegant Miss-business and painting and some other creative marketing activities well express SAM conception "Products are opus, details decide the quality".

SAM also offer appreciable promotion, such as 3% discount and gold souvenirs that symbolize SAM high quality products and excellent service.

Standard+ Action= Profession

As to the exhibition marketing strategy, the senior manager, Mr. Gao said:"When visitors come to one fair like Bauma, their cognition are of progressive, no matter they are expert or not. Firstly, they care about the scale; then they concern the new products; Thirdly, it is the promotion activities; next, they will look for new cooperation chance. After series of analysis, they form their final conclusion." So the design of SAM booth are quite successful, the company conception ""are well expressed.

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