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In the second day of Bauma China, SAM accepted the HC Website video interview

November 29, 2012

November 28th,2012, is the second day of Bauma China. The general leader of this exhibition general headquarters, Manager Feng said that, in the second day of Bauma China, the booth details of SAM was in more orderly propulsion. The most people who come to SAM for negotiation is old customers, or the new customers who were following with old customers. The good public praise from customers which was reflected from this exhibition can make us have more confidence in the next one and a half exhibition.

In the exhibition scene, we can see that after the first day's interview from many media, today's SAM exhibition booth continue becomes the report and attention focus of media. The Mining Magazine, China Construction Machinery Brand Website, Construction Machinery Online and the other famous magazine and online media visit SAM Machinery in succession. The Senior Manager of SAM, Manager Shao, was also interviewed by HC Construction Machinery Spare parts Website, and used this exhibition's highlights and development situation of SAM for a special report.

SAM accepted the special video report form HC Website


For this SAM exhibition's highlights, Manager Shao said that, SAM exhibition booth has three innovation points, the first is the modern display technology, the second is the innovation concept we deliver to our clients, the last is the newest products, which have become the main role and the biggest watching focus. "everybody can see that, our machine's height is growing, what followed was the improvement of the performance and the more and more strong prower to satisfy the customers requirement."

When talking about the industry development trend of this year, the Manager Shao said that SAM's innovative business model, especially the e-commerce which is different from the other company, this difference has brought the raise of customer visit quantity for SAM Machinery. "In the past three quaters, the year-on-year growth of SAM e-commerce inquiry is 18%, this showed that the customers' attention is also very high, and the market also has demands. They just need some time to make a procurement decision ."

According to the feedback from the on-site customers, we can see the continuous growth of SAM brand. "This year, SAM is the brightest star in E5 exhibition hall. We have the biggest exhibition booth, the highest display technology and the absolute first-class products quality. The all can be the international brand which on behalf of Chinese quality."

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