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The third day of Bauma China SAM is to lead the Chinese mining industry

November 30, 2012

On Nov 29th 2012, the third day of Bauma China 2012,SAM statistic data shows that the available customer volume is 2.6 times as many as that of Bauma China 2010. The chief commander, manager Yang, said"According to the data, we succeed in this fair." In the meeting held on Nov 28th 2012, the headquarters of Bauma 2013 held in Germany is built.

Today, the passenger flow is still stable and it shot up during the SAM show time. Especially the Fashion Show and Jazziness won great many customers."We will keep the active atmosphere tomorrow and make more visiters know SAM." said by Manager Xiong.

The negotiation zone




Show Time




Just the days before, many mediums come to SAM, such as the India NBMmedia and many Engineering machinery magazines. In the interview, SAM senior manager, Mr.Shao said"What determine one project quality? It is the material.Most of original materials come from the mining industry; on the other hand, mining industry will react up on the service life of mining machines and construction machines."

He declared that "In the engineering machinery industry, domestic , ZOOMLION is as good as and . But in the mining crushing industry, there are few enterprises that do as well as oversea powerful international actors. As the world-class company in domestic mining, construction and grinding industries with 30 years history, SAM is to lead the Chinese mining industry.

Though the mining industry are still not very hot, it does have huge market. The future of Chinese mining machines will have bright future."


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