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Bauma China 2012 has ended in a satisfactory way, SAM was ending it with a perfect performance

December 3, 2012

On November 30, 2012, the four-day Bauma China 2012 has ended in a satisfactory way. In the fourth day, SAM was still continuing the boom and charm immortalization.

At the same time to win customer's favor, the media to the attention of SAM remained high. Today, the Cuhk Machinery Network came to interview SAM. During the interview, when asked the purpose of this Bauma China trip, Manager Xiong, who is the leader of Enterprise Culture Dissemination Department said that, this exhibition trip mainly has three big purposes, the first was demonstrating the brand attraction and to make SAM became the excellent choice of more and more clients. The second was to develop the potential partners and constantly optimize SAM supply chain. The third was mainly through the high quality products and marketing activity planning with innovation to make SAM became the called leading role in E5 exhibition hall.

It was reported that although the exhibition has came to an end, but the theme season of Bauma China 2012 was still continuing, the headquarters of SAM will have more wonderful culture activities staged in succession. "We will continue to optimize the production system upgrade in order to supply the full security for the contract which signed in exhibition and provide clients more high quality product experience and a set of solution." when asked about the planning of SAM after this exhibition, the leader of Enterprise Culture Dissemination Department said that.

As a presentation of the staged achievements, SAM has handed over a satisfied results in Bauma China 2012, but in the future time there are also more goals to achieve. SAM will continue to make more big achievement in research, production and company operation, and build global civilization with our clients. Meet with you in Munich, Germany Bauma 2013, and see you later in Bauma China 2014.

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