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SAM Attended Bauma China 2012 Witness Brand Strength

December 12, 2012

Bauma China 2012 was successfully closed on November 30 after its four days show. With its ten years’ preparation, bauma China 2012, the top fair for Asia Construction Machinery Industry, extents its exhibition area up to 300,000 square meters. With around 2718 exhibitors from 38 countries were attended, this fair has successfully attracted more than 180,000 visitors from 141 countries.


Adjustment needed during Depression period/SAM accelerates its globalization

With regards to the number of visitors and exhibitors and also the exhibition area, bauma China 2012 did make its records, and surely provided a perfect opportunity to boost market, which has under a tough time for nearly 20 months. Han Jixian, general secretary of China Aggregate Association, expressed his views when was interviewed by SAM TV that, the whole industry is nowadays in the adjustment period. Two points I have noticed from this bauma China that the numbers of exhibitors in the mine crushing and grinding industry decreased, and that the platform mainly focused in E5.According the economy situation, adjustment on construction industry will maintain for a while, but the pace of development will not ceased, and the movement of innovation will not slow down. Company, who insists on improving and growing, will definitely acquire more chances. SAM, the shining star in E5, is a good example. According to the data statistics released after the fair, customer’ information that were collected from this fair is 3 times as much as that of last fair, and AMO has more than 100 million.

News of Victory Keeps Coming/Multiple Innovation Attracts Customers

Reviewed SAM’s show in bauma China 2012, many achievements have been made. Only the first morning, several million-level projects were clinched a deal. Visitor flow volume remained high, while there is no vacancy in the negotiation area of the second floor. There is also no rest for business cars until night, which responsible for picking up customers to visit company. When coming across SAM’s reporter, one of our drivers even has no time to be interviewed, only a greeting left before started its journey again.

The arrangement of SAM booth mainly clings to principle of innovation. That could be embodied from innovation on products and also on service, 7 series star machines such as Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant, the latest research products of SAM; also VSI Series Crusher, who lift sand crushing field up to a higher level. All of these innovative points have successfully attracted many customers and also friends of same industry. As the same time, ‘Lightning Mode’, the representative mode of SAM systematic services, was delivered to customers through LED Screen of 13m*4m. In addition, customer experience area, accessories and ore zone were first introduced in this fair, vivid demonstrate SAM systematic solution and its one-stop chain of after-sale service.

“During this fair, the amount of visitors is more than expected, that enable us to have more confidence over market of the fourth quarter and the following first half year of 2013. We believe that, along with general investment in R&D, production and management, more and more customers will benefit from SAM’s quality and innovation”, Director of SAM International Trade Center, Mr. Cui said.


SAM Values the Platform/Supply Chain is in the Process of Optimization

As the principle what organizer of bauma pursued, namely, “gathered from the whole world, our exhibitors are changing the world”, SAM is seeking and paying more attention to such partners. As the major part of the whole supply chain, suppliers are always one of the most crucial partners. Regarding this point, Mr. Xie, manager of Purchasing Center, said, “to take the whole situation of optimization of supply chain into account in a strategic level could enhances the efficiency, ensure the quality, reduces the cost and realized win-win situation with our suppliers. Adhering to the concept of powerful combination, we are moving our steps on the way of cooperation with other excellent and industry-leading company. Meanwhile, we also pay attention to the young company full of vigor and potential, and strive to achieve progress together.”

It is reported that during this fair, there are 121 suppliers contacting with SAM. After SAM’s severe investigation, 15 have determined the preliminary cooperation intention. SAM always put the optimization of supply chain on an important position, through which lead time will be shortened, cost will be reduced, and value will be maximized.


SAM – the Best Protagonist of E5/ Both Domestic and Foreign Media Focus on it

"Perfect combination of model and machines, gold souvenir symbolizing gold guarantee, site painting mixed technology with art, various and colorful activities in the exhibition, all glorified SAM.” Ms. Xiong, SAM Planning Manager of this exhibition introduced.

With its characteristics marketing activities, modern exhibition hall and innovative products, SAM has became the best protagonist in E5. Both domestic and foreign media pay a lot of attention to SAM, such as India NBM media, HC 360, Construction Machinery Magazine, Mining Equipment, Chinese Mining Industry Magazine, focusing on SAM globalization, R&D and culture. “During the further contact with media friends, we find out that we were expected to lead the domestic machinery company on the way of globalization, and we made our brand heard in the process of competing with international first-class companies. This is what we pursue, and definitely there is a long way to go”, Mr. Gao, director of SAM Product Center said.


Look Forward to Meeting You in bauma 2013

“Perfectly completing the international exhibition itself is a success. In addition, three goals need to be achieved for this fair. One is to reveal the brand influence; second is to seek the potential partners; third is to be the protagonist of E5. Nowadays, all of these three goals have been achieved. However, bauma China just a periodical parade ground, and more important practice is lied in our routine work. We believe that outstanding performance made out of lots of practice. What we need to do after bauma China 2012 is that devoting and promoting ourselves to a higher level.” Mr. Gao, Director of SAM Product Center said.

It is reported that a new arrangement department has been launched before this bauma China 2012, mainly responsible for arranging bauma Munich 2013. Meanwhile, SAM looks forwards to meeting you in the coming fair in Munich!

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