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The first Shibang 416 Cultural Festival Retribution will be fast for you.

April. 26, 2012

On April 16,2012, the first "416 Cultural Festival" of Shanghai Shibang Machinery was official opening. No.416,Jianye Rd,Jinqiao Area,Shanghai,the location of Shibang head office, is a place of opening glory and happiness.416,the start of Shibang, in the ten ocean field Shanghai beach,we took root and finally burgeon.416,the present of Shibang, to make the staff and clients value realize, we always strive to work hard.416, bringing up the future of Shibang, just for one goal!

Basing on the Cultural Festival Making the Shibang idea solemnly landing

This time Cultural Festival will through 11 stations cultural activities to reveal Shibang's brand strength, making the Shibang idea instils into Shibang staff and clients heart.

"You are not the only one in the battle", we will together with you to witness the growth of a professional group. The "Binary Star" action, is even the further implement of Shibang "taking the core technology for the core" idea. "Spring breeze stroking the face" action, making every young me to delivery the group's enthusiasm and consideration for you in the general. "New image, Hearted servive" action will perfectly present a classic service team for you. "Being thankful and feedback" and "Elegant transfer, warming person's heart", even making our social responsibilities into practices as always.

The first Cultural Festival: Retribution, be fast for you

This time Cultural Festival's theme is "Retribution, be fast for you". Using Shibang's glory to build civilization and make contribution in the whole world. In the meanwhile of using advanced technology to guide the development of this industry field, we will give service for the clients to make them have a permanent and rapid development, finally to make us become the core leader strength in the new industry structure.

Joining in us, here you can feel the actual Shibang and we also long for knowing the real person of you. As the fulcrum, the Cultural Festival will lever up a new beautiful and fervent summer. The 416 Cultural Festival, retribution will be fast for you!

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