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SAM Machinery remind clients to beware of cheated by the people who falsely claiming the agent of our company.

August 31, 2012

Recently, the Manager Zhang of domestic market center of SAM Machinery received a phone call which from a Hunan client. The client told that the product he bought was not the same with SAM Machinery Chinese master website ( http://www.shibangchina.com/ ). Through various ways verification, our company final affirmed that the client from Hunan was used and tricked by lawbreaker.

Introduced by the Hunan client, he was informed from a friend that the using effect of SAM Machinery's mining product is excellent. So, the client decided to purchase the series crushing products of SAM Machinery. Through many ways inquiry, the client came into contact with a person who named Li Hongjun and even claimed he was the principal of SAM Machinery agent. Under the situation that Li Hongjun repeatedly guaranteed he was the agent of SAM Machinery, starting from the confidence and trust for the quality of our company, the client signed a contract soon with the cheater, Li Hongjun, and payed the payment for these goods.

The Hunan client didn't find he was tricked until these products came to his hands. At present, under the assistance of SAM Machinery, the cheater Li Hongjun has been detained by Public Security Office, the thing waiting him is severely legal punishment.

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